Bangers and Mash Americanized

Bangers and Mash Americanized


This meal and post was inspired by an online community I read called Trashy Eats. It is well know that I, Christey, am not the cook that Peter is, nor have the interest in doing the crazy French sauces that he wants to perfect. I used to, but he is so good at it, I will let him do it and I will eat it. I do know how to cook, as much as I let on that I don't. Not crazy fancy stuff, but a lot of basic things. A long time ago, though, I did not. I knew some very very basic things to do with stuff that got me by when I could not stop at a fast food joint, or convince some one to make me something. The good thing, is my palate was that basic as well, cheese (Velveeta and American only), bacon, steak, mac and cheese (only the kind in the box and then, only Kraft) and potatoes. Oh! And creamed corn out of the can.

My dad's mother, Mildred, used to make this for me all the time when I was a child and visiting her for the summer. My mom later told me exactly what it was (as I was not paying much attention, and could care less) and from that point on, I would make it all the time.

I made this once when I had first met Peter, he laughed at my silly little lunch and said 'That's Bangers and Mash... sorta' I instantly felt fancy with a fancy name for my own lil' trashy eats.

Peter is at my mother's this evening, trying to fix her water well so she can have water again and not have to stay at our house again. (Not that we don't like her to stay here, really! It just seems such a pain in the bottom for her to lug her stuff and annoying pleasant dog over here.) We were going to shoot Peter making his March pomegranate recipe tonight, but by the time he fixes her water and drives back home, I would be so starving that I might have already chewed my arms off.  We don't want that. So I was on my own tonight. That brings me to this:

You start things off with three basic ingredients: Veleveeta (num num nummmmm), hot dogs, and instant mashed potatoes. Do not use fresh mashed, it's not the right texture and just... off, though leftover mashed are awesome as well. Besides, fresh takes too long for trashy eats.

Make the mashed potatoes according to the box. I made 2 servings worth because math, as much as I like it, doesn't go well with a hungry head. Plus, I am hungry. So there.

Now if you want to add a little gourmet to it, throw in some Melting Pot Wine and Garlic seasoning. There. Now you can officially eat with your little pinky up. Really. Go for it. I won't laugh.

Now cut the hot dogs almost completely in half and lay them almost flat on a greased cookie sheet (I used olive oil spray, just for the extra charm, ya know)

Pile the potatoes into the hot dogs. I like to make it more of a platter than two seperate hot dogs, but it's all up to you. Because of that, I like my potatoes a little drier, so I add a touch more flakes to the mashed potatoes than the box says.

Check the knive skillz!

Pile the Velveeta onto the potatoes. (I haven't made this in over a year, maybe longer, and I forgot that I like a lot more cheese on mine, so though this looks average, for awesome cheesy goodness, add about 25% more than what is in the picture)

Throw it all in the oven on low broil for about 6 minutes (to make sure you heat up your hot dogs well) and then put it on high broil till you have the right amount of black/brown cheese you like. I like mine fairly blackish because I love crunchy cheese.



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