San Francisco: Friday

San Francisco: Friday


Oysters at the Blue Mermaid Chowder House.

I feel like I am so far behind, everyone is posting their great updates on the past weekend with the 1st Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival (like Oldways Table ,High/Low Food/Drink, A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa and a gazillion more... ), and I have only made it through Friday, and not even to the actual event, only the things Peter and I did before it. So I figured I would start there.

This for me was a weekend where i would again open up myself to the food world. Before I met Peter, I was a basic meat and potatoes girl with a few other exceptions. After Peter, I started trying things instantly. I would have him order my meals when we went out, surprising me with so many new and wonderful foods. Now that I have broaden my food horizon considerably, I have fallen back into the routine of not trying anything because 'I don't like it' when really, I hadn't tried it since my tastes have changed. So I decided that this blogger fest I would be open to try anything and everything (within reason, insects and organ meats would have to wait). Even simple things like raw tomatoes, which I have never liked. I apparently do now. Go figure. :)

This post and the few after it will have an enormous amount of photographs as I have a hard time limiting myself when it comes to new places, foods, and people.

Peter and me on the plane:

Since we came in early Friday morning, we decided to walk from our hotel to the Fisherman's Wharf checking out everything in between. Here is the beautiful Ferry Building behind the hotel:

In the Ferry Building:

Morning Coffee and pastries (I normally don't like anything in my pastry, but I tried a sweet cream one and a chocolate filled one... yum!)

Behind the Ferry Building:

The amazing Bay Bridge (I have entirely too many pictures of this thing):

So, my favorite animals are pinnipeds. Hence the millions of pics of them :)

People watching pinnipeds:

Then a guy came by with a stick to scare them off the docks:

This guy REALLY didn't want to go:

A bit more up the road was the famous Pier 39 and the thousand or so pinnipeds piled high:

Oh look over there, Alcatraz hiding in the fog:

So is San Francisco:

It rained a bit on us, but not too bad (Fisherman's Wharf area):

After a short snack at the Blue Mermaid, we hopped on the trolley to hit China Town for some dim sum:

China Town:

After our wonderful lunch, we walked back to the hotel:

Next up - Friday evening and the official beginning of the FoodBuzz Blogger Festival!

San Francisco: Foodbuzz Bloggers Meet!

San Francisco: Foodbuzz Bloggers Meet!

Foodbuzz Blogger Festival

Foodbuzz Blogger Festival